Love at the first sight - Cruising for adults ("stolen") - Finally you get the goody normally only kids get somewhere - That is all I love Holland America Line for. And it might sound stupid: You can experience a wonderful cruise on a small ship like RYNDAM too.


Tag/Day 14.6 auf der/on ZAANDAM in Hongkong/Hong Kong, China (Macau)

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Weiter geht es zum A-Ma Tempel.

We headed for A-Ma Temple.

Rund herum kann man Räucherstäbchen als Opfergabe kaufen.

Irgendwie mussten diese Bronzeschalen zum Drehen gebracht werden...

Somehow the bronze bowls need to be moved around...

Vielleicht kann mir ja mein kalifornischer Pflanzenjoker sagen, um welche Pflanze es sich hier handelt.

Maybe my California plant-joker can tell me which kind of plant this might be.

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  1. Frances Kakazu13/5/12 19:07

    You made me curious. Sure like to know what kind of flowers those are.

    Am very glad to see your photos and your activities.